At GPI OUR MISSION is to connect community members and resources that will aid in building and enhancing sustainable infrastructure. Our methodology involves: Engaging people to cultivate relationships, Assessing the needs of our constituents and Developing sustainable infrastructure while building educational, economic, and cultural capacity.
Go to Global Education Project

Global Education Project

Building of Water Well Project Provide Expendable Supplies Annually (school, basic necessities) Create a Breakfast and Lunch Program (Collectivism)

Go to Sister Dreams

Sister Dreams

Donate seed money for 3 sisters in Accra for Entrepreneurial Dreams (purchase of containers and supplies) Donate seed money for Laweh’s mom in memory of Sandra Tuck (Shari Posa’s mom)

Go to Medical Mission

Medical Mission

Create a medical emergency fund (Laweh Medical Fund) Health and Wellness initiatives/Preventative Approaches. Create a space for First Aid/Over the counter medications

Go to Development And Capacity Building

Development And Capacity Building

Participants will promote multi-disciplinary LITERACY initiatives through the development of cooperative learning activities.

Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.

About US

Explore, Experience, Empower
Specifically, we seek to promote an integrated holistic approach:

Although academic focus is an integral part of learning, studies suggests a correlation between environmental stability and academic performance. Thus, a healthy student with great academic promise needs an environmental and academically balance.

The building of sustainable academic, economic, medical, and spiritual capital of the community. These efforts will be realized by: Developing and equipping educators in these under-developed environments, using sustainable, organic and culturally relevant strategies

Building and creating infrastructure to meet the needs of developing communities Providing learning opportunities for Global educators and students Creating partnerships between Global schools and schools in developing countries

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.

GPI 2019 Projects