August 7, 2018

About Us

It was reported in 2017 that there are over 264 million children who do not have an opportunity to receive an education. If we consider the fact that most poverty is directly linked to a lack of education and over one billion people are living in poverty, this means that the cycle continues without adequate support.  


Global Partnerships seeks to create a space where disadvantaged children have access to education and to equip their local schools to deliver instruction using research based practices. Although it is a complex mission, we believe that each child is valuable and capable, with ample support, of exemplary academic performance. Our goal DOES NOT include uprooting children from their current environment to provide them a better life however; our claim is that students can increase their academic, social, and cognitive capacity as they remain connected to their own caring communities.  


In April 2016, a team of students and educators from multiple high schools within the United States traveled to Ada, Ghana. Ada is a small island community that is situated on the Volta River. While in Ada, the students and staff members were afforded the opportunity to interact with students from a local school. The interactions included U.S. teachers providing professional development and modeling best classroom practices.  Participant students were also charged to lead classroom lessons and articulate their experiences. Each participant left Ghana with an indelible mark on their lives, to the extent that many returned the following year.


It was not difficult for the participants to immediately identify the vast needs of the community and school.  As the Global Partnerships organization developed, we recognized that in order to become an agent of change, we must listen to the needs of the people and respond with consistent follow-up. Our approach has led to the success of multiple tasks on the island.  We wish to continue the work in Ada and later expand it to other communities.

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