August 12, 2018

Our Team

Anna Adjei Barrett, Ph.D., M.A. -  President and Founder

Dr. Anna Adjei-Barrett provides professional development trainings to educators from Ghana and its surrounding areas, as well as Lesotho, Pretoria, South Africa, and Germany, where she studied as a young adult. She focuses on the empowerment of educators to utilize local resources in creating unique programs in their own communities. Her energetic, charismatic approach to professional trainings motivates educators, who often feel overwhelmed by the limited supply of educational materials, to use the creativity that comes from within their own souls. In her own words: “I continually FIND myself while serving others.  These transformative experiences relentlessly shift and develop me into a better educator, a better researcher, a better spouse, a better mother, a better sister, a better friend, and essentially, a better person.


Kevin L. Barrett, M.S., M.A. GPI - Chairman of the Board

Mr. Kevin Barrett is currently an urban school administrator in Western New York. He and his wife, Dr. Anna Barrett, have embraced education as a venue for empowerment and change. Their motivation has set the trajectory for their three adult children to grow with the value of education as the foundation for their future careers and humanitarian involvement. Mr. Barrett’s career choice was inspired as he began to reflect on the needs of his birth community in the city of Baltimore, as well as his wife’s community in Ghana, West Africa. His philosophy behind servant leadership, creating relationships, and building teams has been linked to his success as a husband, parent, and leader. Mr. Barrett and his wife share the ambition of creating a school in Ghana that provides opportunities for students to globally market themselves and achieve success.


Monet Millard Templeton, Psy.D., LEP, ABSNP - GPI Vice President

Dr. Monet Templeton is an Educational Neuropsychologist and founder of Templeton Neuro Academic Clinic, serving students with academic and socio-emotional needs throughout California. Her commitment to working with immigrant families, each with its own story of humble beginnings, has instilled gratitude and the inspiration to help others around the world. Dr. Templeton is aware of the privilege afforded as an American citizen who has never been faced with an empty plate, and believes strongly in social welfare and justice. Yet, she considers her finest work as that of mother of four kind hearted young adults who have had the opportunity to see firsthand how other people of other cultures live. Dr. Templeton is excited to be an executive member of Global Partnerships, Inc. After years of dreaming about its inception with its founding members. She is passionate about helping underrepresented communities throughout the world through her work as an educator and psychologist.


James R. Templeton, Ph.D., MSc, It’l MBA - GPI Treasurer

Dr. Templeton has spent nearly 30 years in the healthcare arena as a medicinal chemist, computer scientist, and educator. He is most passionate about education and contributing to the success of others by empowering them to achieve more in life. Dr. Templeton is committed to providing opportunities for underrepresented communities to thrive and take advantage of technological innovation. He is a dedicated father and husband who enjoys traveling to foreign places and connecting with other cultures. Dr. Templeton is currently earning a certification in holistic nutrition. Along with his wife, Dr. Monet Templeton, he is establishing a business specializing in holistic health in order to help members of his local community live healthier lives; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Dr. Templeton hopes to extend his experience as a holistic health practitioner to communities in Ghana and other areas around the world where quality healthcare is unavailable.


Julie Tette-Schiavone, M.S, M.A. - Educational Project Coordinator, GEP

Ms. Julie Tette-Schiavone has been an educator in the Lockport City School District for the past 18 years and is now transitioning into Educational Administration as an Assistant Principal at Emmet Belknap Intermediate School. Ms. Tette-Schiavone has been an integral part of developing Ada’s educational infrastructure by leading staff development, providing curriculum, and modeling best teaching practices. Her background in science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education has helped lead some of GEP’s major community initiatives in providing clean drinking water. Ms. Tette-Schiavone’s goal is to help small communities like Ada become the model in sustainable economic growth, education, and conservation.


Isaiah Barrett - GPI Board Member

Mr. Isaiah Barrett is currently a senior at St. Bonaventure University, pursuing a career as an actuary. He is also a member of the school’s Division I Men’s Soccer team and regularly spends his time training the youth of Niagara County. When asked why he’s participated in Global Partnerships the past two years, he said, “I wanted to give back to more than just my community. I have deep roots in Ghana, tying me to family, friends, and the community at large. Serving on as a Board Member on GPI was an opportunity I could not pass up!”


Zipporah Barrett - GPI Board Member

Ms. Zipporah Barrett is currently a junior studying pre-medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. She joined Global Partnerships because she enjoys helping others, as she wishes to become a gynecologist someday. Because so many of her family members still reside in Ghana, West Africa, Global Partnerships was the perfect organization with which to dedicate her time and passion. In her future, she would like to go back “home” to Ghana to pursue her lifelong dream of helping women and children.


Elizabeth Flynn, M.A. - Gala Chair, Global Education Project

I chose to be involved in the Global Education Project because it provides a holistic approach to meeting the needs of others in a manner that encourages self-sufficiency. At the same time, our young people are exposed to others outside of their daily surroundings and challenged to lead, to assist, to make a difference, and to demonstrate love.


Kevin L. Barrett Jr., B.S. GPI Board Member

Mr. Kevin Barrett Jr. is a corporate consultant at RSM in New York City. His journey included growing up in rural upstate New York” and earning his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology. Mr. Barrett values the importance of setting goals early and working towards them. He is a fitness enthusiast and promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle for young adults.


 David Ahadzie, GPI Ghana Team

Feyito small village born David Ahadzie brought to bare his belief in Education (formal or informal) as an effective strategic tool used to undo darkness of poverty. After years of unsuccessful job search in the big cities of Ghana just after graduating his first degress from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, he returned home to create work for himself and other youth in Ada Foah where many tourist attractions are found. Currently, he manages a community based ecotourism enterprise (Global Island Concept Ltd) linking and guiding tourists to tourism offerings and experiences in national attraction and local community sites including Azizakpe Island. David played major role in the formation of Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association – a special purpose vehicle crafted to promote tourism and youth employment (among other things) as prelude to poverty alleviation and sustainable environmental resources management in Ada. Having copious experience in indigenous community activism and fair exposure to an urban culture, he is happy to have the chance to be part of the team steering GPI projects – seeking to deliver an enhanced living standards to the people on the island of Azizakpe and it’s environs.


 Pastor Thomas Doghonu, GPI Ghana Team

Pastor Thomas Doghonu a father of 3 children and the husband to madam Juliana Negbegble is the overseer of God’s Wisdom Power Ministry – a community based church on Azizakpe Island with membership of 135. Pastor Thomas and his church support re enforcement and sustaining of hope of folks on the island. Similarly, with a vision of seeking the kingdom of God and the liberation of mankind from all sort of shackles including economic ones, he and the church created socio economic space and opportunity through the formation of women coconut processors association, where the felt needs for belonging to a group and having a voice are gradually being met.


 Linda Adjei, GPI Ghana Team

Linda Adjei is a young vibrant, energetic, affordable, versatile lady who could work under pressure. She attended the central university and studied business administration (accounting option) and completed in the year 2013. Linda is into the real estate industry in Ghana and works with GPI as their secretary. Linda’s love and compassion towards others is something to shout about and she has kept her zeal in organizing and making sure everything about GPI is a success. She believes the impact GPI is doing in less privilege societies in Ghana is incredible and has decided to follow suit.

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